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Art Workshops

Connect with Nature and your Creative Side!

Welcome to the Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve's Art Workshops webpage! Our goal is to inspire our community to connect with nature through creative expression. Our talented resident art instructor John LeFlock is passionate about the importance of visual arts and using nature as a source of inspiration for his students. He has been teaching art to people of all ages at the Heron Reserve for 20 years and looks forward to connecting with people of all backgrounds and experience levels in his beginner-friendly classes. John offers workshops for various ages and skill levels using a variety of mediums! Explore our current schedule of workshops and programs below, and join us in the beautiful surroundings of the Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve for an inspiring artistic experience! 


Family Art Classes with John LeFlock: Spring Wildlife Series - April 27th, May 11th, and June 15th

Join our art instructor John LeFlock this spring for a wildlife art class that's fun for the whole family!

Connect with your creative side and your love for nature in this immersive experience! Hosted in the beautiful natural setting of the Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve, John will guide attendees through the process of creating beautiful wildlife paintings with acrylic paint. There will be 3 sessions available to register for - April 27th, May 11th, or June 15th - each running from 10:00 am - 1:00 pm. 

April 27th: Join John in learning how to paint a beautiful Great-horned Owl. This mysterious hunter is a resident species at the GBHNR and is more often seen than heard! Get a little more familiar with their looks and take home a stunning painting in this first session of our spring series.

May 11th: Celebrate Migratory Bird Day with a bird painting! Learn how to paint a stunning Belted Kingfisher - one of the resident birds of the GBHNR's lagoons with incredible adaptations to dive and hunt for fish! You can also choose to do an adorable Chickadee painting - one of the most common birds you'll see at the GBHNR! These striking birds will translate into beautiful works of art! 

June 15th: Try your hand at an adorable Otter painting! These graceful swimmers are also residents in the GBHNR's lagoons, often spotted swimming in groups of 3-5 or occasionally lounging on shore. These much-loved creatures are the perfect subject for a wildlife art class. 

This event is open to all ages - join in on this creative adventure for $40.00 per session. We hope to see you there!

Registrations can be made online through our booking platform, Peek (6% booking fee applies), or in person at the Rotary Interpretive Centre, staffed daily from 10-4. Register online by following the "Book Now" button below & selecting the date of the program(s) you wish to attend. All program fees support the conservation, education, and outreach programs at the GBHNR!

Contact us with any questions: (604)823-6603 or [email protected]!

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Learn about our pricing: the GBHNR is a non-profit organization and registered charity. We rely on program fees to support the education, conservation, and outreach we do to protect the invaluable wetlands ecosystems on our site. We take pride in offering quality, affordable workshops that offer experiences for folks to connect with nature and their creative sides. Our base fee for 3-hr art classes is $40.00,  you may see this increased slightly over time to cover higher instructor and/or material costs! We appreciate your support of our organization! Please contact us at [email protected], or (604) 823-6603 if you have any questions about art workshops or any other programs!

Thanks for your support!