5200 Sumas Prairie Rd. Chilliwack, BC

Preschool Programs

Overview: Preschool Programs

  • Come explore nature with a Wetlands Discovery Walk About with activities for ages 3 and 4. Each preschool program is delivered by an experienced educator.
  • Programs last approximately 1 hour
  • Students will be outside for the majority of the program - hats and clothing appropriate for the weather are a must!
  • Booking fees include the use of the picnic area and/or the Discovery Annex Classroom for lunches during inclement weather
  • All trails and facilities are stroller/wheelchair-accessible.

Program Fees

  • Booking fees are as follows: $100.00 / per group, per hour with a $6.00 admin fee / per group, per hour.
  • Bookings made through Peek require a credit card in order to complete the booking, however, cards will not be charged until GBHNR staff do so manually. Educators may make their booking by entering one card and can inform our staff that they wish to pay with another card. Please contact us immediately after booking with card information if you are making a booking with a card you do not wish us to charge.

Please review the program descriptions and additional notes below

*If you are not able to pay via credit card at the time of booking – please contact us at: [email protected]

Preschool Program Description: 

Our preschool programs provide a fun and secure environment for children to discover nature through various hands-on activities such as scavenger hunts and observation games focused on wildlife and plants. The group size is limited to 20, and parents are encouraged to join their children (to a maximum group size of 30 people). 

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Notes for Teachers and Group Leaders

  • Please communicate with our Education Coordinator in advance regarding how many parents will be attending
  • Please plan your bus to arrive 10 minutes before your start time
  • Walk your class to the Discovery Annex Classrooms or Outdoor Amphitheatre - as directed in the confirmation email
  • Discovery Annex Classrooms are a 3 minute walk west of the lower round about & bus parking
  • Programs starting late will still need to be finished on time due to other booked events
  • Programs run rain or shine so please have students be prepared to be outside! Proper outerwear and footwear is a must!
  • Cancellations are subject to a $50 cancellation fee per class if less than 3 days' notice unless exceptional circumstances.
  • Please plan to eat snacks and lunches outside -Lunches must be pack-in / pack-out as we have limited waste disposal
  • Feel free to bring a pop up shelter for shade or rain
  • Most trails and all facilities are wheelchair-accessible


  • Bus drop off is in the lower roundabout, enter from Sumas Prairie Road, go up and over the dyke, and down into the parking loop
  • Additional car parking is to the left, below the dyke, outside the gates
  • Parking for the disabled is inside the gates, on top of the dyke, near the Rotary Interpretive Centre, or in the lower roundabout
  • If your group is arriving via. parent drivers, please notify us so we can do our best to ensure sufficient parking is available.

Thanks for your support!