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Our Staff

Camille Coray - Executive Director

Camille Coray served as an Environmental Educator at the Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve for three years before being appointed to the position of Executive Director. She enjoys connecting with the variety of people who use the trails and services at the Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve and always has a smile on her face.

When not working at the reserve, she enjoys spending time with her two young children (who she often brings to the reserve for nature walks), camping, playing music, reading, and snuggling with her two cats.

Kristen Glass - Program Director

Kristen grew up camping and exploring the outdoors in Northern Ontario, with her love for nature eventually leading her to the conservation field. She has a passion for non-profit conservation organizations and loves her job at the GBHNR, where she works alongside the executive director in overseeing the education, outreach, and conservation programs.

When not at work, Kristen spends most of her time outdoors with her partner and their three dogs, or exploring the culinary world by cooking new and exciting foods. She loves birding, coffee, and the winter!

John LeFlock - Art Teacher

John has had an interest in art from a very young age. His art is unique as he is, completely self-taught and has developed his own style as a multi-media artist. He paints in many mediums such as pastels, oils, watercolours, charcoal, inks and acrylics. He often combines these different mediums to create very detailed, three dimensional looking pieces of work. 

John enjoys painting a variety of subjects, which include landscapes, portrait art, wildlife, flowers and ocean scenes.

Kassa Dueck - Conservation Coordinator & Environmental Educator

Kassa is a conservation technician and environmental educator at the Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve. Kassa graduated from the University of the Fraser Valley with a BSc in Physical Geography, as well as a certificate in GIS. From a young age, Kassa has had a love of all things nature - from frogs to plants to rocks and everything in between.

Kassa enjoys learning new things from and about nature by spending lots of time outside.

Dilan Praat - Conservation Technician & Environmental Educator

Dilan grew up in the Fraser Valley and has been a wildlife enthusiast his entire life. Being involved with the Great Blue Heron Reserve from a young age, he was delighted to have the opportunity to research the Great Blue Herons and Bald Eagles at the reserve while completing is B.S. majoring in Biology. 

Dilan is also an avid Birder and if you have any questions and see him around the reserve, feel free to ask him.

Deb Ego - Environmental Educator

Deb is a life long gardener and nature lover with a passion for the outdoors. Enjoys hiking, birdwatching, kayaking and sharing her knowledge and experiences with others.

She has been a regular speaker on gardening and nature related topics in the Fraser Valley and organized and volunteered at many community and school planting events over the years. Deb is fond of kayaking in her free time!

Shaun Yap - Environmental Educator

Shaun discovered his passion for nature while serving in the military in Singapore. He continued this passion by completing the Geography degree at UBC, with a focus on Environment & Sustainability. Shaun has several years of experience working in nature parks, most recently as an environmental educator at the Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve.

In his spare time, he enjoys playing with his cat, and exploring new food joints with his wife. Shaun is avid car lover and likes to identify new plant and animal species that he comes across.

Wade Shapansky - Conservation Technician

Wade grew up in the Fraser Valley and has spent his entire life enjoying the BC wilderness. From a young age he has been interested in all aspects of the natural world which led him to seek a career in the environmental field and obtaining a degree in Environmental Studies (Natural Sciences).

In his free time he enjoys spending time outdoors gardening, hiking, and snowshoeing. He also likes taking on small projects like building bee houses to support the local bees!

Annalise Schatz - Environmental Educator 

Annalise is a Casual Environmental Educator at the Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve. Born and raised in Chilliwack, she developed a strong sense of respect and affinity for nature at a young age. Following her childhood dreams, she graduated from UVic with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 2018 with concentrations in environmental science and natural resource management. As much as Annalise loved island life, the mountains and rivers of the 

Chilliwack  River Valley is where she feels most at home, and she has happily returned to her roots. In her free time, Annalise enjoys photography, reading, and playing violin, and can often be found exploring and appreciating the great outdoors in beautiful BC.

Dylan Anderson - Environmental Educator and Conservation Technician

Dylan is an environmental educator and conservation technician at the Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve. Dylan grew up exploring the grasslands of Saskatchewan, eventually moving to the Fraser Valley to study Biology at the University of the Fraser Valley. Dylan has an interest in birds of prey, especially Owls. While not working or studying, Dylan spends his free time out in nature, finding and photographing Owls. If you see Dylan around the park, feel free to ask him questions about the Herons or the Owls!

Hudson - Support Staff

Hudson enjoys frequent visits to the GBHNR office where he can make friends with the volunteers and visitors. He also has the important role of inspecting the staff members' lunches for food quality and safety.

Thanks for your support!